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The group at Hyderhangout who own or love the Accuquilt System.
You do not have to own a system to join the club. See below how to join. Get a free pattern every month. Learn tips and techniques about the cutter each month. Videos or demos will be shown each month. Show and tell from each member. 

Meeting the first Thursday of the month. Hope to see you all there.

We will be doing a block of the month. Come in and pick out your blender colors so we can order them and get them in stock. We will be working through 12 different blocks that can be cut with the Accuquilt mix n match dies. It is twelve star sampler block of the month. The block size we are using is a 12 inch block.

There is no charge for the block of the month if you are an Accuquilt club member and attend meetings or shop in the store regularly. You must attend one out of three meetings or come into the store sometime during that third month in order to get your free block . If you do not come in, you need to pay $5.00 per block.

Extra blocks per month are $5.00 per month. Special fabrics other than the scheduled fabrics are $3.00 per month. 

If you join the club after we have started a block group of twelve, there will be a small packaging charge of $5.00 per block if you need us to catch up the past blocks. This is because there is quite a bit more work to organizing and cutting the already done blocks.

Remember, the Accuquilt club members always get 10% off the dies and mats. If you have an advertised price that I can look up online (at, I will honor that price up to a total of 30% off. For instance if Accuquilt has a die you want on sale for 20% off and you are a club member, then add your 10% to the sale price, and you will get 30% off. You must call me while the sale is current so that I can lock the sale price in. I can get the die to try dies for you at your club price of 10% off while their supplies last

Current members

1. Donna D. +
2. Teri F. +!
3. Lorie W. +
4. FW+
5. Diane E.+
6. Lois S.+!
7. Judy F.
8. Debbie B. +
9. Marilyn D. +!
10. Evelyn J. +@
11. Sue O.+!
12. Charmyn M.+@
13. Sylvia P.+#
14. Donna L.+
15.Jeannie B.+#
16 Barb Sponable+

+This Member is participating
in the 2017 Block of the Month

Missed One Meeting !
Missed Two Meetings @
Missed Three Meetings or more #

Casual Members: Members not participating in the Block of the Month, but come in often to the store.
1. Diane V.

Inactive members: Members who are not participating in the block of the month and have not been in for a 90 days or more.

1. Maralyn B.
2. Janis T.*+
3. Gigi H.
4. Queta H.
5. Melanie
6. Joan S.
7. Terri M.
8. Lynn V.
9. JoAnn L.
10. Debbie D.
11. Alisa L.

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How to join this club

This is an exclusive club for members only. There are four ways to join.

1. Buy an Accuquilt Studio, Go! or Go! Baby Die Cutting machine from Hyderhangout and you are automatically enrolled in this club.

2. If you have a Die Cutting machine already and want to join this club, buy one Studio die or three Go! dies from Hyderhangout and you will be enrolled in this club.

    Remind us when you purchase that you are wanting to be enrolled in this club.
3. Rent at least three hours of time on the Hyderhangout die machine and you will be enrolled in this club by request.
     Remind us when you purchase that you are  wanting to be enrolled in this club. Rental time is $15.00 per hour for fabric not bought here and  $10.00 per hour for fabric bought here

4. Fill our the enrollment form below and you will be billed for the club enrollment fee of only $45.00.
     After paying the fee, you will be a member of the club.


CUTTING MAT Care Instructions

  • Store mat flat. Do not roll or bend.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. Intense heat or cold may cause mat damage or to become brittle.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not iron.
  • To extend life of mat, rotate and flip mat periodically.
  • To clean, use lukewarm water and mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Care & Maintenance: Use adhesive lint roller to clean lint and thread from dies. After each use, with the die pick provided with the cutter, remove any threads imbedded between blades and foam. It's normal for threads to get caught where blades meet in a die. Remove with tweezers or die pick. Die blades never need to be sharpened.

Die Tips:

  • With some fabrics, after cutting, a thread or two will remain where die blades meet. Snip threads with scissors.
  • Use cutting mats that matches size of each die.
  • For best results, cut with die blades running under roller at an angle. Do not cut with blades parallel to roller.
  • Blades on some dies are positioned at an angle. Align fabric to edge of shape, not edge of die board.
  • Some dies feature specially designed corners to aid in alignment and pre-cutting.
  • For fast applique, apply fusible web to fabrics, then cut shapes with dies.
  • Use good quality fabric to reduce fabric stretch.
  • It's always a good idea to test cut one shape before cutting many shapes to ensure fabric orientation is correct.