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About Amy Bradley By Amy Bradley
One would not recognize the metal building behind my house as a quilt design studio, business office, and warehouse. I feel so blessed to be working with my two children, and in my own backyard. My oldest daughter, Ashley, works with me full-time. My youngest, Adam, worked part-time while attending the University of Kansas. My mother, Dorothy, is also a wonderful help with sewing and designing. She has been to every quilt market with me. My husband, John, is a veterinarian in Lawrence, Kansas. We live in the country and raise Hereford cattle. I have lived my entire life in Kansas. I was born in Medicine Lodge, where my parents still reside. I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in fine arts/ graphic design. I started quilting in the 80's. My inspiration for my first quilt design, Dazzling Dogs, was to create a gift for John�s veterinary clinic. I started my business with that quilt and it has only hung in the clinic for about one week in the past four years. When I told my husband about my plan to turn Dazzling Dogs into quilt patterns his now famous line was "Do people buy those?". Now his new famous line is "When can I retire?" I am always looking for my next comical character such as Quilt Diva, Super Quilter, Seasoned Quilter, and Bountiful Beauties. I know quilters have just as much fun making my patterns as I have designing them, I've seen the photos!