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Stashbusters Club Meeting Second Saturday 3 pm Ring up by the month

Join Stashbusters club for a year or half year. This class listing is by the month to keep track of qty. Every six months membership paid ahead gets a free book.

Superior University 10:30 AM Razzle Dazzle Necklace

Class with thread. You receive a kit from Superior and Hyderhangout. Each month is a different project. Most kits are worth more in retail than the class costs. Held every Third or fourth Tuesday of each month. If you see something you missed and want a kit for, we can get you one of the past classes as long as they are still available.

Dec 19
Eleventh Annual Hyderhangout Christmas Party 6 PM
Dec 22
The Hangout with Susan Hyder. All things Arts and Crafts Radio Show
Dec 25