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This is how you register for the Block of the Month to begin in January 2022. This pays for the pattern and reserves you a place in the class. payment is done on product listing 183457

Cost: $ FREE
Looking for a unique entrepreneur who can inspire, lift your spirits, keep you on the edge of your seats and take you from tears to laughter? I'm referring to Diane Rose, otherwise known as The Totally Blind Quilter, and she has an incredible story to share. Though she was sight impaired from an early age, she left home at age 18 to make her own way and pursue her dream of chronicling and interviewing people in the Country Music industry in Nashville TN. In the process she met and got to know many well known and successful artists and developed lifelong relationships with them. In recent years, after entirely losing her eyesight, she moved to Texas and took up a new challenge. She discovered a creative outlet in the form of quilting. It is in this venue that she is recognized as having a unique set of skills and talents. Her quilts, each individually made, are now all over the world, and are in the homes of many celebrities and dignitaries. More details on this can be found at her website Her journey from humble beginnings and her overcoming of major obstacles and challenges is both inspiring and encouraging. And she still has dreams and unfulfilled goals and aspirations remaining and shares her story with those groups whose members can benefit from her overcoming experiences and indomitable spirit.

Cost: $ 15.00