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Event Details

Paper-Piecing with David Gilleland February 16, 2019 10 AM & 1PM: (1 PM will be offered if the 10 AM class is full or if students want two)

When: Feb 16, 2019
10:00 am
Where: 5ive Points Museum

David Gilleland will be teaching the art of paper-piecing at the end of his special showcase in Museum lobby (February 12, 2019-February 16, 2019). Students will have an opportunity to select one of three mug rug patterns to learn. More details to come!

$35 for members

$50 for non-members

click here for more info and to sign up

David Gilleland Bio

I grew up watching my mom make tied baby quilts for her friends when they had a baby. I loved watching the sewing machine run. I would sneak at use her machine while she was at work. I was always getting in trouble for touching her machine.

My dream when I turned 17 was to attend fashion design school. It was a dream that took me 11 years to reach but in 2008 I finally enrolled. I learned a lot of for a few years I had a great time designing stage clothing.

I made some great friends during that time but it wasn’t a career path I was going to remain on. The economy took a down turn so I took a job in healthcare. I worked in healthcare in various positions since 2005. I currently work in IT with a healthcare software dealer.

I started my quilting journey when I was approximately 18. Over the past 24 years I am set it aside and came back to it. I was mainly a piecer and always wanted a longarm. In 2015 I finally reached that goal.

Quilting is my passion. It brings me so much joy. Over the past few years I’ve found another passion and that is teaching and sharing my love of quilting. I have found that helping others learn new techniques, new patterns and bring quilting into others lives is very rewarding.

This was the idea behind Vector Quilts.I believe that the best oegacy we can leave others is our knowledge. My mission is to continue to share the love I have for quilting with others. I have met some amazing people on this journey and made some of the best friends I could ever ask for.

Thank you for joining me and I hope you always find comfort, relaxation and joy in your quilting.

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