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Quilt Show and Quilt 'til Wilt

Wow I cannot believe it is the end of January already. We have so much going on and I am as usual swamped. And my Goat delivered this am and the little girl is running a little on the cold side. She may visit me later today as my hubby is having to run errands and ship some things out today. I put their pictures on facebook. They are soooo cute.

We are getting a bunch of notions, silk ribbon, batting and other things in from one of our suppliers. An assortment of neat things.

Working toward Valentines Day. I am trying to locate some candy boxes to put a thread assortment into. I at the very lease have Custom made Valentine baskets for your sweetheart to come get. He can preorder a basket and I will make it to fit your style. Cool. A basket of things that will  last longer than a box of candy.

The quilt show at 5ive Points Museum has started. You need to see it each week as the lobby display changes weekly. Also there are classes on four Saturdays. You can go to their site to learn more by clicking here

Quilt 'til you Wilt is this coming Saturday. Bring your food, fun and finishing projects. Go to the museum on Saturday (the museum is free on the first Saturday of each month) then get you food and projects and head on over here for a great tiem. Click here to see pictures and info of past wilting days.

The super quilter wallhanging class will be rescheduled for some day in February or March. Watch for details.

The Flower Basket Challenge deadline is Thursday. Please come in and bring your wallhanging for judging. There is first, second, and third prizes of a good size. There will also be participant ribbons and a fat quarter just for participating.