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Stuashbusters Auction and more

The long awaited Stashbusters yearly auction is upon us. It will be tomorrow night, Thursday, March 28th at 6 pm. Come one come all. You do not have to be a Stashbuster Club member to attend. Come cheer your favorite quilter on. I am so excited. I will get the rest of the items out for preview. I hope to have most of the items for the auction out by noon tomorrow. Come see and eye what you wish to bid on.

Also, the Stashbuster Spring Books are out for perusal. If you sign up by tomorrow, you can take you book home with you then.

The Butterfly BOM how to class is tomorrow at 4-6 pm. Come and get our wonderful insturctor Jackie Cory to show you how to put the block together.

Saturday I will be open. Sale on St. Patrick's, Easter, and a few other items. Fat quarters will be $1.50 and fat eighths are only $0.50. Remember, there is still time to bring in food for free fat eighths. One can one fat eighth, one box one fat eighth, big bag of flour or sugar, five fat eighths.

Superior University is on Monday. the focus thread is the silk Kimono thread. We will be making clutch purses. They will be so dressy. Come at 6pm for the class.

PS>The going live date for POS upgrade is either April 15th or May 1st. I still need volunteers to do data entry if you have any time to give me. LOL they say you guys are trying to keep me sane? My fingers and brain are both tired. Type think, type think, I could use a volunteer who can type and let me do the thinking only. HELP!!!!