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Sales and Fun at the Hyderhangout Quilt Shop

Wow things are so much fun here.

Reminder: Saturday Stashbusters Club meeting at 1 PM. The trade fabric is Christmas Fat Quarters.  Come and visit if you are not a current member and find out about some of the new things we are doing. Click here for more info on the club.

Quilt 'Til you Wilt. Yeh here it is again. The one day a month that I definately work on my own projects. I just haved so many that I do not know yet which ones I will be doing. Come and bring food (remember no chocolate as I am deathly alergic) and drink ( no funny drinks, LOL). Bring your UFO's and a fun disposition. Yeh it will be fun.

Christmas in July Sale. Something on sale everyday starting July 16th. Come see our new Christmas Fabrics, books, and patterns. click here for more details on the sale

Reminder the Modern Quilt Guild is meeting on next Tuesday. Jackie found the bargello pattern. Remember to bring your things for the table runner. If you do not want to do it with your stuff at home, we will have some things at Hyderhangout for purchase for the runner.

Surface Design Group is meeting next Thursday. We are using School Glue dye project. Jackie has supplied the pieces to dye due to drying time constrants. Bring a donation for Jackie since she spent time and money for the supplies for the Project. We have some samples of the projects if you would like to drop in and see them before class time.

The monthly Quilting With Russ for $10.00 is next Saturday at 1 pm. Jackie has volunteered tofill in for Russ as he is out of pocket this month filling in for Gamell. The project is one of the blocks from the 200 Quilt Block Books. The pattern for this one block and the fabric kits are available for purchaseat only $10.00 each. That includes the price for the class and the kits. Come join us onece a month and increase you skill repetoir. Here is the picture of the block. The one flipper is loose from the fabric. It is sooo cute.