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Quilt Shop Hyderhangout Update

This Saturday is the monthly Quilt til You Wilt. We will be doing sting piecing for those of you who want to get into the Hyderhangout String Scrap bin. I have an overflowing bin of strips that are less than 2 1/2 inches. Come raid the bin for free. Bring some foundation scrap fabric and have at it. String piecing til we go cross eyed. Bring food and jokes. Stay until we wilt. click here for more details

Saturday at 1 PM is the Traditional 1830-1860's block of the Month. This month they are doing the basket block with embroidery. You do not have to be doing all the blocks for this so you can come and join this for just the basket block. We do have kits for past blocks also.  Click here for more details

Update on the row by row: No one has won in our shop yet. For details on additional ways to win go here. We are doing daily weekly and monthly drawn prizes besides the big prizes so come in and sign the Row by Row book often. Out of plates again, but they are ordered and will be back in stock soon. We are taking names and addresses for out of towners and will mail them free of charge.