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Special Order Items Follow up email

We sent out the previous email about special order items for everyone on our list so don't take this as a "nasty gram". We have had a few people think it was directed at them specifically. I greatly apologize if it came across as mean or rude. I was not trying to be so.

No this is not for you if you have nothing on hold or on special order. Sorry to confuse everyone. We sent out a mass email trying to get in touch with the customers who ordered stuff and we have not heard back from.

Not so, we are just trying to find out who got their emails and phone messages. We do have a few who we think fell of the face of the earth as they have a new email and or phone number we don't have and we cannot seem to get in touch. This is a last ditch effort to get in touch.

We have called and left messages or send individual emails (many times for some orders from a year ago) and have not heard back. We are trying to get the older items cleared out of the hold bin.

Not in trouble, none of you, Quilt police will not show up at your door. The quilt fairies will not sprinkle you with naughty naughty dust. We are just trying to get the items to those who wanted them. For  those who changed their minds, let us know so we wont have the hold bin explode from being so full. It could be messy, shrapnel flying everywhere. HaHa

Happy Quilting and Crafting my friends. Hope to see you on the two shop hops coming up soon.


Susan J Hyder, onwer
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