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Quilt Appraisals and Quilt Day Museum Center

Two more days for the Quilt Show at the Museum Center at 5ive Points. So many good comments and many good suggestions for improvement. There are two wonderful activities for you to do yet.

Saturday, April 2 10 am to 2 pm Quilt Demo Day. Throughout the final day of the Quilt Show, check out demonstrations of various quilting techniques along with special lessons and tips from local quilters.

Friday and Saturday Quilt appraisals: Wonderful Lady.

Professional quilt appraisal services available April 1-2


Professional quilt appraiser Cynthia Stuart will be offering quilt appraisals at the Museum Center at 5ive Points during regular business hours on April 1-2. Cynthia has studied quilt appraising with the American Quilter’s Society in Kentucky and has lectured on quilt history for a variety of organizations, including the Tennessee Quilt History Group. Full appraisals cost $50 and include the quilt’s dollar value, a picture, and a legal written description of the style, size, estimated age, pattern name and condition.  This report is used if the owner is interested in selling or donating the quilt, or if the owner wishes to insure the quilt. Appraisals take 30 minutes and a signed formal appraisal will be sent to the owner within 2 weeks.  Alternatively, for $15 the appraiser can provide a 15-minute consultation.  During this time, the appraiser will share information such as the approximate age of the quilt, the pattern name, and observations of the quilt that the owner may find of interest.  This is usually done on antique quilts versus contemporary quilts and does not include the monetary value of the quilt.