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Upcoming Shows & Backing Fabric Discount Bonnaza

Tennessee State Fair Drop online registration  Deadline August 19, 2016

Tennessee State Fair Drop off to Hyderhangout Deadline August 24, 2016

Tennessee State Fair, Nashville September 9-18, 2016

State fair entries will be back in time to enter in Mt. Olive or Quilt Depot

AQS show September 14-17 Work in Hyderhangout Booth get in free

Quilt Depot and McCaysville Quilt Show September 23-25,2016

           Drop off deadline 21st to Cleveland, 22nd to Georgia Store

Common Threads Quilt Show October 7 & 8, 2016

            Hyderhangout is drop off spot for Common Threads Quilt Shop

Sale! Due to a price discount from one of my suppliers, we are having a
sale on quilt backing.

Sale good until the end of the month.

Regular priced backing $12.99 per yard from Choice Fabrics or Santee Print works will be on sale for the month at $11.99 per yard. Pre-pay pre order, you get an additional $0.50 per yard off when you order 2 yard or more per pattern.

Our blender backings, some of our patterns are already on our site. Other ones we have swatches for or you can go to and find a backing fabric you want. Get the part number and we will make a ticket for you or help you to preorder and pay. Now is the time to get backing fabrics for your Christmas Quilts, to finish up those almost done quilts, or get some for a special someone.

Also on sale through the end of the month, for $6.59 per yard, $6.29 per yard with pre-pay pre order of 3 yards or more. This is the blender cottons 44/45 inch from Choice Fabrics or Santee Print works.