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Monday Specials National Sewing Month Celebration

Monday, September 18th All Quilt backs $10.99 per yard. The store is closed, and we are on a business trip, so this will have to be online order or call in*. This includes those backings that we would have to order. Go here to look at our backings in stock.

If you do not see any on our site you like, go to and pick one. We will honor the sale price, order the backing in the next three weeks, and get it out to you ASAP. Please notify us of a special deadline, and we will let you know if we can meet that date. Special order items of backing would have an additional 10% off for prepay preorder of three yards or more.

*Online Buyers or buyers on our closed days, to get sale price call in and we will do a phone order, or put “Daily Deal” in your comments and the online ticket will be manually adjusted to reflect the sales. . The daily deals will be honored online, in store, and for special orders pre-paid and ordered on the appropriate days. This sheet is for your planning only, not for us to discount anything except on the specific days for items listed. 423-715-2908 for phone orders and for email orders.