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December Calendar

Wow the end of the year is upon us.
The December calendar has had lots of things moved and rescheduled due to the Holiday Events. Georgia Dreaming and Quilt a Murder Clubs have had schedule changes.

Call, come by and get a printed version, or go here to get your own printed version.

The ninth annual Hyderhangout Christmas Party is upon us. Those who wish to participate in the gift exchange can get a name and enter yours at the shop now. Also, new event. We will have Santa at the Party. If you have a young person who needs to get a gift from him, contact us and we will make sure that when they come to the party, that He gets a gift in his pile to give to you. Volunteer Pyro will be at the party. Food is potluck with Hyderhangout providing GDaddy BBQ and the drinks and utensils. Come join us.