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Calling all quilters Round Robin Fun

We have started a round robin quilt top exchange. it will last as many months as we get participants. 

How to:
 1. Put a piece of fabric, UFO block, panel, or fat quarter in a brown paper sack and put your name on the sack.

 2. Bring that bag into the store and drop it off and pickup another bag. That bag needs to come  back sometime during the next month and you pick up another one. 

 3. Each month you will come in and pick up another sack and take it home. You will take that bag home and add to the previous work by others. Be      creative. Adding borders is a simple to do add-on, but making block rows or just adding a block to the first one is a great way to do these. Also if you want to add fancy embellishments, be aware that someone will have to quilt these in the future, so you can do buttons, bows, or other thick things, but you might want to just pin them on so they can be removed during quilting. 

 4.After you have worked on that block, you will add your name to the outside of the bag so that you can be sure that you have worked on each quilt top. 

5. Hopefully we will have enough participants to have this last for a year. If we get way more than 12 participants, we will mix it up and not everyone will work on all the quilts. 

Any questions, you can email, or call 423-715-2908