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Sales Tax Exempt Weekend

We do have some things that are sales tax exempt in our store. The sales tax exempt Weekend has been extended so it is July 30 to Thursday August 5. 

All items on our list are also going to be 10% off our regular marked price, so you will be saving nearly 20%. Come shop with us in store. 

If you wish to purchase and have items shipped to you, get your item numbers and call us at 423-715-2908. We will do the manual ticket for you. 

Items include:
Bandanas, blouses, calculators, school chalk, crayons, erasers, glue, paste, and paste sticks, hats, shirts. sweatshirts and teeshirts, markers, drawing paper, paints, paper, pencil boxes, pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens, flip-flops, school rulers, scarves,school art supplies, school scissors. 

We do have the list printed, so if you see something and question if it is on the list, check with us.