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Quilt shop update 3rd week of April

Is it really that time again. Taxes I mean. Hope it was not too painful for all of you!!!!

Stashbusters has started a new year out with a bang. Sign ups are in process and yearly dues. Don't forget you get points for both. Sign up online here its is easy. Yes toi answer the question you do need to sign up each year. It helps keep the club records up to date. Plus you get points for it each year also.

Speaking of Stashbusters, I have been asked by the Quilt Trade Association to do a presentation about the club. So this thing is bigger than all of us. I need help from someone to do a powerpoint. I need all the pictures and comments from you busters that I can get. so I get to do more geek things. Yeh!!!

This week we have the Beginning Quilters and their last class of this time around. I thing the students are so neat. so eager to start and finish their projects. They are just like the rest of us oldies. Some are meticulous and exacting. Others palyful and not so woried about getting the exact points to match. Some are starting more than one project at once. Like me I have at least 10 different things at one stage or another. I know of quilters who just work on one project at a time, but that is not my style. Welcome to the world of quilting new Quilters. Hope your journey is wonderful.

Reminder this Saturday is Underground Railroad BOM and the Christmas BOM. There is still room to join in for either one. Hope to see you in these.

I have worked on the calendar for the upcoming months for three hours yesterday and today and have most things done. If you see any errors let me know and I will get them fixed ASAP. Also, still would like a volunteer for the clanedar work as Fallingwaters only has tiem to keep the newsletter done.