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Quilt shop update

Wow it is the end of the month once again. Hope you had a wonderful March.

Do not forget the fabric sale through the end of the month. 20% off all fabric until the last day of the month. this includes precuts.

We got on the Superior University packs. I am so excited. The class looks so wonderful. I hope more of you can join us in the months to come. It looks like so much fun. The class for mext Monday is the Razzle Dazzle class. We still have some enrollment kits and spaces left for the first month. Remember, you can join any other month you decide to so do not think if you miss the first month or cannot join by next week that you cannot join us later on in the year. It is an open enrollment month. Discounts are available through Hyderhangout.

Do not forget out sit n sew on each Thursday. Come and just sit and sew. You can come and visti or sew or crochet or draw or eat or laugh or whatever, we are all here to see you.

Come one come all: The Art Camp first session is coming up soon. Do you want to be a kid again? Do you have a kid who wants to do art and learn all kinds of neat things. I wish I had the week off so I could take the art camp. Come and see the neat project the kids will be doing. Call or come in to register. We need sign ups ahead of time so the teacher can prep for the class. Art and fabric play is the word.