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Calling all quilters

Send us your picture and a small description of your project and we will post it on this site. Send the description to Upload the picture below.
Select your picture and upload it here.
Row by Row Brags

Hangouters Projects

The magazine had been delivered on Tuesday, June 5. Thank you for the quick handling of my order. 
Greetings from Germany

Jackie Cory interview on click here

Those of you who come and join us at Hyderhangout and your projects.
I sent the picture of me with my Dragonfly.
Description:I am making a Dragonfly wallhanging with
metallic material dragonflies and will be hand embroidering
the outlines in metallic threads. Also will be stamping with
paint on other blocks and alternating them. The name of the
wallhanging will be Dragonflies Fly!  Fallingwaters


Helen Blevins block of the month club quilt


  T-shirt Quilt for a local customer by The Hyderhangout

Sarah Suits showing off her current work in 
progress. Give her a big hand on her first quilt!

June free motion class                                                                                                       July 2012 kids summer camp

June free motion class



Hangouter Quilts

A Tee Shirt Quilt of various size tees, and tee shirt pieces, set in
borders of tee shirt material, with music note sashing and border.
The gentleman this was made for works in radio and youth
ministries around the southeast. He has been collecting his
tees for the past 20 or so years. Unfortunately, I could not use
all his tees in this project, but was able to use a good portion
of his collection. There is enough tee material left over to make
a sizable lap quilt. I'm trying to convince him to have one a while!!
Diane VanderVeen