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CRAFT NOTIONS: Yo-yo Makers, Clover Templates

ART AND CRAFT SUPPLIES > ARTS & CRAFTS: Notions > CRAFT NOTIONS: Yo-yo Makers, Clover Templates
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Clover 8460 Flower Frill Template Small & Medium Easy Flip & Fold Flower Maker Clover


Clover 8462 Mini Flower Frill Templates Extra Small & Mini Easy Flip & Fold


Clover 8480 Kanzashi Flower Maker Round Small


Clover 8482 Kanzashi Flower Maker Pointed Petal Small


Clover 8489 Kanzashi Flower Maker Template Daisy Petal Large


Clover 8700 Quick Yo-Yo Maker Round Small


Clover 8701 Quick Yo-Yo Maker Round Large


Clover 8704 Quick Yo-Yo Maker Heart Small


Clover 8709 Quick Yo-Yo Maker Oval Shape Large


Clover 8713 Quick Yo-yo Maker Shamrock


Quick Yo Yo Maker Large Heart


Template June Tailor Rosette and Flower Template


Clover 8461 Flower Frill Template Large and Extra Large Easy Flip & Fold