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FABRIC: Cotton: Reproductions Revolutionary and Civil War

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An Overview History of Civil War Fabrics

copyright © 2011 Margo Krager

Historians often think of the Civil War Era as the years from 1850 to 1880. The American Abolition Movement began in the early 1830s. Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, "Uncle Tom's Cabin", serialized in a Washington newspaper, 1851-52, brought many of the issues to a wider audience. The American Civil War began in April 1861 and was concluded by April 1865. Reconstuction efforts had ended by 1880.

The dramatic growth of the British textile industry in the early 19th century fueled the demand for cotton which soon became the leading US export commodity. Annual domestic cloth production in the decade from 1846 to 1856 grew from 13.5 million to 97 million yards. American merchants imported an additional $17 million dollars worth of printed and dyed cotton in 1854. The selection must have been almost overwhelming!

Fabrics of the Civil War Era. Dye colors: Indigo blue, shades of red plus dull lavenders and many browns. See Timeless fabrics for many indigos, red and double violets. Print styles: Foulard style prints in geomentrics and florals plus plaids, plaids and more plaids...printed and woven.

Looking for classic blue/whites, clear red, double pinks and violets? See Timeless.

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Blackberg Edition 11 Beloved Quilts That Stand the Test of Time


Chocolate Brown & Ivory Floral Allover Civil War Reproduction Print 44/45" 100% Cotton The Cumberland Collection


Civil War Reproduction Vintage Navy and white filler


Fabric Cotton Cumberland red floral


Fabric Cotton Gray and White Civil War Reproduction Print Lines


Fabric Cotton MARCUS BROTHERS Julie Rothermel Colonial Christmas 44/45'' 100% Cotton


Fabric Cotton Marcus Fabrics Judy's Album Quilt Red 100% Cotton - 44/45''


Fabric Cotton Paula Barnes Marcus Gray Tonal Hatch Civil War Reproduction


Fabric Cotton Reproduction Print Townhouse Gardens by Paula Barnes Red


Fabric Precut Fat Quarter Black on Red Paisley Jo-Ann D# C68-30-376 Polly Reproduction


Fat Quarter 1930's REPRODUCTION assorted patterns


Fat Quarter REPRODUCTION assorted patterns


Pumpkin Farm pumpkin blossoms by Stacy West for Henry Glass

$11.99 $12.99

Remnant 13" x WOF Green Button Weed Sullivans

$3.49 $3.99

Remnant 21" X WOF Print Cheater Fabric Reproduction 44/45'' 100% Cotton


Remnant 35" x WOF Civil War Reproduction Patter


Remnant 44" x WOF Civil War Reproduction Floral on light green background 100% Cotton


Remnant: 35" x WOF Haven Collection Chestnut Jaquard 100% cotton 44/45'' Anna Griffin Fabrics

$7.99 $9.79

REPRODUCTION Fat Quarters assorted patterns


REPRODUCTION PRINT Floral on Navy background No Maker 100% Cotton


Reproduction Print Molly B's Studio 4636 Red 44/45'' 100% Cotton Marcus Brothers


Scrap Happy Quilt Cheater Fabric Exclusively Quilters




Waving Old Glory Ivory Brown Uncle Sam On Ivory 44/45'' wide 100% Cotton RJR

$7.99 $9.99



Remnant 41" WOF Fabric Cotton Civil War Reproduction floral rust on red rust background. No maker




Reproduction Print JUDY ROTHERMEL CHARLESTON V Marcus Brothers 44/45" 100% Cotton


Reproduction Scarlet Evening JUDY ROTHERMEL Marcus Brothers