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Revised Patchwork Minus Mathwork 141301

Updated material! Charts for precuts added!

Is math not your thing? Not to worry! This book from Annie's does the work for you. Patchwork Minus Mathwork is a collection of over 70 charts that will help you plan a quilt and figure yardages without doing the math. An additional 40+ illustrations are included to make your life easier.

A special How to Use This Book section will help you start. After that, you can go right to the business of selecting fabric and quilting without spending hours using pencil and paper to figure how much fabric you will need, the diagonal of a quilt block, different settings and sashing that you can use and many more math-related items.

We've updated the material for today's quilter, adding to the original charts the number of precuts needed. If you use any of these precuts: 2 1/2" Jelly Rolls/Bali Pops, 1 1/2" Honey Buns, 5" x 42" Fat Rolls, 5" x 5" Nickels/Charms, 10" x 10" Layer Cakes/Dimes, 16" x 16" Sweet Sixteens, and 21" x 18" Fat Quarters, the charts will work for you as well.

Now you can enjoy your quilting more.

#1413011 - Revised Patchwork Minus Mathwork
ISBN: 978-1-59217-280-1
UPC: 0-54525-30973-5