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VELCRO(R) brand STICKY BACK(R) Squares 7/8 inch 8/Pkg Light Duty Hold it Desert Tan


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Prepare of VELCRO® brand tapes: Figure out the length and the shape of Velcro tape needed. Decide whether a hook or loop side should be applied on each surface of the gear. Rounding the corners of the Velcro tapes as pointed corners may prevent a good bond.

Surface preparation: Thoroughly clean the surface before applying the Velcro tape (in most cases, rubbing alcohol may be a sufficient cleaning agent). Clear up uneven surfaces by sanding or applying primer / sealer to provide a suitable bonding area.

VELCRO(R) brand STICKY BACK(R) Squares 7/8 inch 8/Pkg Light Duty Hold it

Grip or hang items sujch as rulers, tape dispensers, etc. Holds up to one pound each. Eight each hook and loop.

Bonding environment:
Should be clean, free from dirt / dust, and with good ventilation. Apply the adhesive Velcro at room temperature (65°F - 75°F), with relative humidity 40%-50% (the lower the humidity, the better the bond). For curve surface (e.g. helmet surface), apply constant firm pressure on the top of the Velcro during bonding. Wait for 24 hours for full bond strength.

Extreme measures: Apply hot melt adhesive (thermoplastic adhesive / Hot glue) at the edge of the adhesive Velcro tape to seal off any gaps between the adhesive Velcro and the bonding surface, especially for uneven bonding surface. This measure provides ultimate security, and prevents water / dust to get underneath the Velcro.

Mating between Hook and Loop Velcro tapes: Pressed together they fasten, to open, simply pull apart. The tapes are pressure sensitive, press harder they fasten harder, and require a stronger force to pull them apart.

Limitations: VELCRO® brand Adhesives are not recommended for submersion in water or on plastics with high concentrations of plasticizers. Adhesives are not washable or dry cleanable.