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Booklet Grace Publications Booklet: The Fun Art of Stenciling, Vol 1 - Bloomin' Fun

$1.49 $3.59

Interfacing Templates 3PK


Liquid Beads shape maker quilting template by Plaid




Notions EZ Quilting Tear-Away Stitchable Stencils Atom Style 6110


Notions Vintage EZ Quilting STITCH-THRU Tear Away Stencils #6105


Notions Wash Away Foundation Paper 10ct


Pantograph Oak Leaf by Golden Threads 4" pattern


Peek-a-boo Hearts Quilting Stencil by Plaid


Quilt Pattern Stencil 5 '' single swirl by the Stencil Company


Quilt Pattern Stencil 8 inch Large Feathered Circle


Quilt Pattern Stencil Border W1615W 2'' border double


Quilt Pattern Stencil HH16 Simple Dart 2.5 inch Harriet Hargrave HH16


Quilt Pattern Stencil HH17 2" or 5cm Simple Sashing Harriet Hargrave HH17


Quilt Pattern Stencil HH19 Heart Border Size: 3" or 7.6cm Harriet Hargrave HH19


Quilt Pattern Stencil Simple Pinwheel 3.5 inch Harriet Hargrave HH13


Quilt Stencil Beginner's Choice 4"


Quilt Stencil Butterfly Block Size: 7" or 18cm Central Press


Quilt Stencil Continuous Flowers Size: 4" or 10.2cm Connie Wilson


Quilt Stencil Heart Border Size: 2" or 5cm Quilting Creations International


Quilt Stencil W1613W C.L. Borders Quilting Creations International 2 inch border 6 inch x 18 inch


Quilt Stencil Wave Border w/ Corner Size: 2" or 5cm Creations International


Quilting Stencil Angel Glow 4"


Quilting Stencil Border Fish 4"


Quilting Stencil Butterfly Border 4"


Quilting Stencil Continuous Sashing 1" The Stencil Company


Quilting Stencil Continuous Sashing 2"


Quilting Stencil Divided Feather Wreath 7"


Quilting Stencil Double Feather 9"


Quilting Stencil Feather Heart 5"


Quilting stencil Holly Leaves and Berries Stencil 8.5 inch Quilting stencil


Quilting Stencil Simple Cable Border .75"


Quilting Stencil Stars Three 3", 2", 1 1/2"


Quilting Stencil Super Sash 2.5" Hearts


Quilting Stencil W1617W 2 inch borders 2 patterns per stencil #W1617


Quilting template One Line Samba Treble Cleft six inch


Ruler Work Starter Set + Janet's Ruler Quilt Design Book


Sliding Stencil The Adjustable Quilt Stencil Loop De Loop


Templates and Pattern for Double Wedding Ring Quilt by Quilting From the Heartland


Templates for Quilters & Crafters Buy the Numbers


Templates Oriental Trading Co, Inc Discontinued Christmas Card Stencils


The Stencil Company 2 1/2'' Hearts Horizontal


The Stencil Company 2 1/2'' LOOP BORDER


The Stencil Company 3'' Rose Border


The Stencil Company 2.5'' Rope Border


The Stencil Company 4'' Quilt Labels #1


The Stencil Company Basketweave 7" Border


The Stencil Company Bear Stencil 6''


The Stencil Company Beginner's Flower 3"


The Stencil Company Block Stencil Casablanca 7"


The Stencil Company Block Stencil Double Swirl 7"


The Stencil Company Block Stencil Fancy Pinwheel 7"


The Stencil Company Block Stencil Four Fleur 7"


The Stencil Company Block Stencil Harriett Tubman Block 7"


The Stencil Company Block Stencil Pinwheel & Square 7"


The Stencil Company Block Stencil Tyler's Star 7"


The Stencil Company Continuous Feather Border 2"


The Stencil Company Continuous Feather Border 3"


The Stencil Company Continuous Feather Border 3" Circa 1850


The Stencil Company Continuous Feather Border 4"


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