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CUTTING: Fiskars Scissors and Cutters

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Established in 1649 as an ironworks in a small Finnish village of the same name, Fiskars has grown to be a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. Available in more than 60 countries, Fiskars products solve everyday problems, making daily home, garden and outdoor projects easier and more enjoyable through superior performance and design.

Creating it yourself is important to you. We’re here to help.

There’s a special magic in giving of yourself. When something created with your own hands touches those close to you, you’ve created a moment that enriches life. Those moments echo back into your soul as a sense of pride and achievement, but also as something deeper, something that lives between love and art and defies words. For all the moments that truly matter, large and small, Fiskars is here to help.

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8" Bent Fashion Scissors - Watercolor Ombre


8" Titanium Scissors Westcott

$10.99 $13.99

8" Titanium Softgrip Scissors Fiskars

$10.99 $13.99

Blade Fiskars Rotary Trimmer Replacement Blade 2/Pkg


Blade Fiskars Rotary Trimmer Replacement Blade 2/Pkg

$5.49 $10.49

Fiskars #19 Heavy Duty Angle Chisel Blades 5/Pkg-


Fiskars 65mm Heavy Duty Comfort Loop Roatary Cutter - 078484900536 Quilting Noti...

$24.99 $29.99

Fiskars 8" Glitter Bent Sewing Scissors, Assorted Colors, Sparkle


Fiskars 9" Serrated Titanium Nitride Shop Shears (12-96536984) Scissors


Fiskars Easy Change Fabric Knife


Fiskars Heavy Duty Detail Knife W/#19 Heavy Duty Blade-


Fiskars Rotary Cutter 28mm Stick White and Orange


Fiskars Rotary Cutter 45mm Comfort Grip Rotary Cutter


Fiskars Scissors 4" Mini Craft Scissors Detail Scissors Fiskars


Fiskars Scissors 8 inch (20 cm) Fiskers Original Scrissors

$16.99 $18.99

Fiskars Scissors 8 inch Razor Sharp Scissors


Fiskars Scissors 8" Softgrip Bent Scissors Fiskars

$20.99 $23.99

Fiskars Scissors 9" Dressmaker Shears


Fiskars Scissors Easy Action 8" Bent Scissor Spring Action With lock Fiskars


Fiskars Scissors Forged 8" Bent Scissors


Fiskars Scissors Performance Softgrip Titanium Scissors 8" 2/Pk


Fiskars Scissors Pinking Shears 8'' Fiskars

$25.99 $32.49

Fiskars Scissors Razor Edge 9" Scissors

$24.99 $27.99

Fiskars scrapbooking paper trimmer with swing-out arm, 12 inches


Fiskars Standard #11 Blade 5ct


Fiskars Standard Buttonhole Blade # 9 2ct


Fiskars Standard Seam Ripper Blade 2ct


Fiskars Total Control Non-Stick Precision Craft Scissors

$18.99 $19.99

Fiskars Total Control RazorEdge Precision Fabric Scissors

$18.99 $20.99

Hawk Paper Cutter 35cm


KAI 6 inch Rag Quilt Scissors


Knife Fingertip Detail Knife Softgrip Orange


Knife Fingertip Swivel Knife


RazorEdge 8" Easy Action Shear

$36.99 $39.99

RazorEdge 8" Fabric Tabletop Scissors Fiskars

$24.99 $26.99

Rotary Blade 2 pack 60 mm Rotary Blade Titanium 2ct refill Fiskars Rotary Cutter

$21.99 $25.99

Rotary Blade Refill 45mm 5 pack Fiskars Rotary Straight Blade 45MM five per package

$29.99 $38.99

Rotary Blade Refill 45mm Fiskars Rotary Straight Blade 45MM One per package

$9.99 $10.99

Rotary Cutter Fiskars Rotary Cutter 45mm Loop Handle

$19.99 $29.99

Rotary Cutter Fiskars Rotary Cutter 45mm Loop Titanium


Rotary Cutter Fiskars Rotary cutter 60mm Loop Titanium 01-005875

$26.99 $29.99

Rotary Cutter Fiskars Rotary Cutters Classic Loop 45mm


Rotary Cutter Lite Large


Rotary Fiskars Rotary Straight Blade 2ct 28mm

$9.99 $10.99

Scissors Fiskars 8" Craft Scissor

$13.99 $14.99

Scissors Fiskars Amplify Craft Shear 10" Mixed Media


Scissors Fiskars Easy Action MicroTip Scissor 5 inch snips

$15.99 $17.99

Scissors Fiskars Heritage 8" Seamstress Scissor


Scissors Fiskars Razor Edge 8" Scissors

$22.99 $25.99

Scissors Fiskars RazorEdge 5 inch Fabric Tabletop Shears


Scissors Fiskars RazorEdge 5 inch Fabric Tabletop Shears

$16.99 $18.99

Scissors Fiskars RazorEdge 9 inch Fabric Tabletop Shears

$24.99 $29.99

Scissors Fiskars Scissors 5" Micro Tip Scissors Fiskars


Scissors Fiskars Scissors Amplify Craft Shears 8" with sheath


Scissors Fiskars Scissors Amplify RazorEdge Fabric Scissor 8''

$29.99 $36.99

Scissors Sharpener Fiskars Desktop Universal Scissors Sharpener


Seam Ripper & Buttonhole Cutter Purple Allary


Swivel Blade Refill 3ct


Tiara Rotary Blade 45mm Rotary Fiskars 93598097


Vintage buttoneer by Dennison 1950's - 1960's


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