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Medium Rick Rack 1/2 inch 2 1/2 Yards 23A Nugrey Just Rite


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Rick Rack out of production reorder Wrights 117-401 045

How it's Made: 100% polyester flat braid is woven into a zig zag pattern.
Width: Baby (1/4" wide) –Extra Jumbo (approximately 1- 1/4" wide)
  • Decorative Trim.
How to Apply:
  • Rick rack can be placed on the right side of the garment as desired, with great results. The zig zag shape is extremely flexible, so it can follow straight or curvy lines to create a wide range of shapes and motifs. Place as desired and pin, baste or use washable spray adhesive to help hold rick rack in place. Stitch up the center of the rick rack.
  • Rick rack can also be used as an insertion trim, a fun accent for armholes, necklines, pockets and hems. Place the center of the rick rack over the seam line on the right side of the fabric. Pin the garment sections with right sides together; half of the rick rack will be in between the fabric layers. Stitch in a 5/8" seam. When the garment is right side out, only half of the rick rack will show.