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THREAD: Superior Threads

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We LOVE thread. As avid quilters and sewists ourselves, we are on a journey to provide the highest-quality threads to the world. We are strong believers of education and we do our best to provide you with a wealth of knowledge to ensure your sewing and quilting success. With a constant effort on innovation, we will deliver not only the best thread and notions you have ever used, but we will couple our products with the best customer service you have ever experienced. We are the only thread company that absolutely guarantees every spool of thread we sell.

Superior began in the early days of 1998 as an at-home business by husband and wife duo, Bob and Heather Purcell. (Bob says that he needed to start a thread company to support Heather's quilting addiction.) Superior Threads was started out of the Purcell�


Superior Threads: Kimono Silk

Superior Threads: King Tut

Superior Threads: Magnifico

Superior Threads: Masterpiece by Alex Anderson

Superior Threads: Metallics

Superior Threads: Nature Colors

Superior Threads: Rainbows

Superior Threads: So Fine #40 3/ply

Superior Threads: So Fine #50

Superior Threads: So Fine! #30 3 ply

Superior Threads: Bottom Line

Superior Threads: Fantastico

Superior Threads: Glitter

Superior Threads: Omni Thread

Superior Threads: Specialty Threads

Superior Threads: Twist

Superior Threads: MicroQuilter


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Superior Threads #086 Sun-n-Surf - Perfect Quilter 300 yd. mini cone


Superior Threads MasterPiece #134


Superior Threads Multi Use Thread Holder


Superior Threads Poly Quilter #301 Clover 2000 yd Cone


Superior Threads Poly Quilter #303 Purple Passion 2000 yd cone


Superior Threads Poly Quilter #308 New Black Cherry 2000 yd cone - copy


Superior Threads Poly Quilter #318 Sparkler 2000 yd cone


Superior Threads Poly Quilter #328 Party Time 2000 yd cone


Superior Threads Poly Quilter #332 2000 yd cone


Superior Threads SuperBOBs #620 Cream L-style Bobbins. 1/2 Gross.


Superior Threads SuperBOBs #620 Lace White L-style Bobbins. 1/2 Gross


Superior Threads Treasure #551 Wedding Gown 300 yd. Spool


Superior Threads Treasure #553 Scrapbook 300 yd. Spool


Superior Threads Treasure #558 Silver Thimble. 300 yd. Spool


Table Polish Kit Dreamworld Sew Steady


Thread Superior Threads Magnifico #2121


Thread Superior Threads Rainbows #810 Zebra 40wt 500yd spools


Thread Superior Threads So Fine #30 Color 1141 Pink