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Spines 4 Low Shank Quilting Template Rulerwork


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The Spines 4 quilting rulerwork template has two different spine stitch patterns in one template.


One side is a 1" x 4" Spine (4" repeat), and other side is a 1" x 3" Spine (3" repeat). The repeats are 3" and 4" respectively for odd and even sized blocks.


This LS model is laser engraved and cut from 3/16 inch thick clear cast acrylic and is designed for guided free motion rulerwork on machines with a low shank ruler foot.


Please take the time to measure from the screw hole in the shank when the presser foot is in the down position, to the throat plate of your machine. This should measure approx. 1/2" for short shank, 3/4" for mid shank, and  1" for high shank.


This template is designed for rulerwork on a domestic sewing machine with a low shank ruler foot.

At Angel Oak Stitchery, we manufacture our own line of rulerwork quilting templates.

1/4"  -  Longarm hopping foot and high shank ruler foot model. This model is laser engraved and cut from 1/4" thick clear cast acrylic. The 1/4" thick templates are for use with the 1/2" diameter hopping foot on a longarm or on domestic machines.  The 1/4" thick clear acrylic templates are compatible with domestic machines with a high shank 1/2" ruler foot.

3/16"  -  Low shank model. This model is designed for domestic machines with a low shank ruler foot requiring the use of the thinner templates.