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Thread Polyester Mettler Metrosene Poly Thread 50wt 500m/547yds White 9145-2000 Old Number 1145-0002

This thread is a regular all-rounder. Whether on cotton, synthetics, mixed textiles, linens or even silk, Mettler Metrosene makes for smooth seams. And because Mettler has given Metrosene the ideal gliding properties, elaborate tension adjustments are finally a thing of the past. Its beautiful, silk-like appearance improves the radiance of your creations. So the saying is right after all: clothes do make people. With Mettler Metrosene, at any rate. The thread with the unsurpassed seam strength. Metrosene 100% polyester thread is the ideal sewing thread for all kinds of fabrics, including synthetics, mixed blends, linen or silk.